Choosing colour

  • Colour is about emotion, enhancing your mood and the quality of life in the home
  • Before deciding on your colour scheme, assess your lifestyle as well as the space, proportion, light and texture within the house
  • Think about the architectural features or furnishings you may want to highlight or disguise
  • Make sure you see colours at various lights – test pots or brush outs are a must
  • Start with something you love, a favourite rug, painting, artwork or sofa
  • Warm colours give intimacy to large rooms
  • Light and cool colours make a room appear more spacious
  • Dark colours give mood and atmosphere
  • Consider different tones from one colour for a softening approach
  • Tip in selecting paint – a shade will appear darker on the walls then on the chart, so always pick the colour that’s one shade lighter then your original choice.
  • Magazines are a must! Pull out styles, colours that attract you, start a scrapbook of ideas to help you do it yourself or brief a designer.