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When it comes to interiors, blue is a colour that never goes out of fashion

If you feel an attack of the blues coming on, you’re on the right track. When it comes to interiors, blue is in. In fact, it’s always in. “Blue tops and tails our environment in the wide skies and shifting oceans, so you simply can’t go wrong using it in a coastal country such as […]

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White – make it work in your home

Fancy your place as a white wonderland but not sure how to make it work with family life? Here’s how If you are drawn to the immaculate, pristine perfection of white interiors, you’re not alone. Architects and interior designers and artists love it. But can the rest of us live with white, without having the […]

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Red can lift your mood and look fabulous in your home.

Maybe it’s because I’m a natural redhead that I love red! I find it vibrant, glamorous and sexy. No wonder I have used touches of it everywhere. It’s in my office, my home, my artwork and even my wardrobe. And I’m not alone in my red-hot passion. New Zealanders’ penchant for red has been around […]

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Neutrals can pack a punch with the right accessories

Sarah Kerr explains how to use neutrals throughout your home. Like most New Zealanders, I’m a huge neutrals fan. We tend to lean towards colour that relates back to the environment. Earthy shades such as sand, chocolate, charcoal and grey, along with muted blues and greens, are what Kiwis feel most comfortable with. Personally, I […]

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How to transform your home with colour

Botanical Greens Botanicals patterns and classic florals continue to be huge. The botanical images bring all shades of green into our homes from deep greens, muddy greens through to fresh citrus shades. Inky Blues Blue is always in as it tops and tails our environment in the wide skies and shifting oceans, so you simply […]

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Give pink a chance – there’s a shade to suit every taste

Pink is a colour that comes with a lot of baggage: both good and bad. Some have memories of party dresses and romantic teenage bedrooms, others associate it with feminine frippery. But it’s time for pink to step away from its stereotypes. In decorating terms, it’s actually a relatively modern hue. In fact, pink and […]

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Using green in your home

Go green in your home and you’ll be rewarded with a calm, soothing environment that everyone will warm to It’s no surprise, in a country with a natural landscape dominated by green, that it plays an important role in our interiors. “The beauty of green is that it’s not fussy: it pairs happily with just […]

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Make red work in your home

Red is high on the interiors hit parade right now with the vibrant shade making a splash in just about every room in the house. You could make a case for saying red is part of our national psyche. Think bright red pohutukawa flowers along the coast at Christmas, ox-blood on rural sheds and Split […]

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